Clarify – initially part of a joint show -was conceived to play with the juxtaposition of two very different styles of life & art that I’m aesthetically attracted to: current LA mural/street art a.k.a. graffiti, and that of ancient Japan and the Scroll art produced in that time. Though the initial intent was to play up the differences, I discovered more similarities in these styles than initially perceived-the bold colors and bright patterns of the Japanese kimonos and umbrellas are not far from the exuberant primary, secondary and tertiary color palettes most graffiti artists use.

Clarify was created from my appropriation & free association of these two styles. Being that I live in LA my works are more closely inspired by what I see driving through the streets of this city but I also incorporate hints of what turned out to be more so broader Asian iconography. Though my photographic series within Clarify entitled “Geisha and the Graffiti” looks more closely at this initial juxtaposition, my paintings are more of a loose depiction and mash up of these two styles. So on first look though your eye may be bombarded by the bold colors and shapes of that inspired by graffiti, interspersed within you will find the softer, more subtle and delicate imagery such as bamboo, peacock feathers & a copy of the lucky fortune I received in Japan with my family when we toured there when I was a baby.

All pieces are mixed medium:
oil, acrylic, spray paint, peacock feathers, pen, paper…